About Reverend Jane

The Minister of Conscious Living Center, Reverend Jane Beach, is a visionary leader, inspirational speaker and published author. She is committed to creating a safe space in which people feel comfortable to relax into their personal relationship with Spirit … their own inner wisdom. Real life situations are seen with eyes of hope and possibility, and lives are changed. This vision is evident in Rev. Jane’s messages on Sundays and within every class taught at the Center. As Rev. Jane says, “Once you know how Loved you are, everything else takes care of itself.”

Jane is a regular contributor to Science of Mind and Creative Thought Magazines. Her articles reflect her authenticity and her faith. Jane’s publications leave the reader knowing that they matter in the world, that they are noticed and valued. For those who have never experienced a loving God that is personal to them, she is like a breath of fresh air! Jane is also the author of the series, Reflections on Immortality ~ Facing Death with Hope and Peace.

Jane is a prolific writer of spiritual curricula! Her classes are being taught in Religious Science centers all over the United States, as well as at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Unity churches and other New Thought centers.

Year after year, those who know Jane look forward to her appearance at the Centers for Spiritual Living Annual Summer Conference at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA. Enjoying Jane’s invitation to dance with “the God that adores you,” Jane’s followers seek her out, whether at a speaking engagement or a workshop.

 People are hungry to know that they are loved by a Presence that is personal to them – the God of their understanding. It is Jane’s passion and great joy to find as many ways as possible to create a space to allow that to happen. As Jane says, “God adores its creation, and it is you!”

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Listen to Rev Jane's Asilomar Video - Aug 2, 2010 


"While our soul reminds us that peace is ever-ready for our attention, free will enables us to listen to our soul’s summons… or not."

-Rev. Jane Beach-

Listen to Rev Jane's Asilomar Video - Aug 2, 2010